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January 2018

November 2017

October 2017

August 2017

  • Public Issue replies now include entire message thread to external customer.

July 2017

June 2017

  • Added “Add Comment Only” to bulk issue edit options
  • Allowed account owners to update their billing email address (previously this was tied directly to the account owner’s email address)
  • Added “description_markdown” field to all histories in “Get Issue” API call

April 2017

  • Added ” – DoneDone” to end of page titles for easier browser address bar searching

March 2017

  • Added user @mentions to creating issues, editing issues, adding comments, bulk edits, and release builds
  • Updated Bitbucket Git integration instructions based on new requirements from Bitbucket
  • Fixed issue with uploading attachments to edited issue histories
  • Added ability to generate a new API key

February 2017

  • Released v1.0 of DoneDone’s official iOS mobile app! Find out more here.
  • Added custom error page when accessing a deleted issue
  • Added public issue reply-to address to issue detail API endpoint
  • Added “Public Issue” notifier to Slack, Hipchat, and Glip notifications

November 2016

  • Paste screenshots to description and comment fields from your clipboard in Chrome
  • Added ability to remove attachments from an issue in “Update Issue” API method

October 2016

  • Added new API method to view authenticated user information
  • Added new API method to view all tags on a user’s account

August 2016

  • Edit tags on issue detail sidebar
  • Add tags to all issues in a release build
  • Add default tags to public issues
  • Fixed wrapping issues with long names on issue detail sidebar
  • Better handling of long links
  • Bulk remove tags from a set of issues in a project
  • Search for issues not including specific tags
  • Tags now viewable in expanded issue list view

June 2016

  • Fixed bug preventing dropdowns from working on iPad Pro
  • Fixed error with uploading images on more recent iOS versions (both Safari and Chrome)
  • Corrected issue where non-western characters were being removed from file attachment names
  • Added “From Name” option to Public Issues
  • Updated custom filters to keep the same ID/URL after an update so they are able to be bookmarked and shared

May 2016

  • Added Project Health Report

April 2016

  • Updated header font to Gotham ScreenSmart Bold
  • Updated invoices to better show credits and discounts
  • Improved logic for removing individual notifications from the header list

March 2016

  • Updated Slack integration to use “Add to Slack” button

November 2015

  • Added Project Admin permission level

October 2015

  • Updated Duplicate Issue icon to new design
  • Updated timestamps to always display 4-digit years
  • Added additional messaging for attachment upload errors
  • Updated user permission logic when moving issues between projects
  • Corrected logic that displayed the Delete Issue icon to users without delete permissions
  • Updated Create Release Build messaging
  • Added progress graphs to Previous Release Builds list
  • Updated username fields to allow email addresses
  • Updated Delete Use warning message
  • Corrected cases where API errors were not returned as JSON
  • Corrected Firefox/Safari rendering problems for some icons

September 2015

  • Added default title for Public Issues with no subject
  • Included embedded images in lightbox galleries
  • Persist “Reply to Submitter” tab selection for Public Issues
  • Increased resolution of favicon notification badge
  • Persist selection of Priority field when changing projects on Create Issue form
  • Corrected encoding of certain characters in OSX Chrome notifications
  • Clarified language of Email Notifications option on project settings page
  • Included issue URLs in Excel/CSV export files
  • Highlight current date in datepicker popups
  • Added company name to invoices
  • Improved efficiency of “All your issues” database query
  • Removed TIFF files from lightbox galleries
  • Added option to suppress user notifications when creating or updating issues via the API

August 2015

  • Added ability to send notifications to Slack private groups

June 2015

  • Improved Tag selector UI
  • Improved Public Issue From Name parsing
  • Removed Hall integration

May 2015

  • Updated Create Issue error handling
  • Updated New Issue Activity indicator style
  • Improved Public Issue Reply-To header parsing

April 2015

  • Added Create Project and Update Project methods to API
  • Updated validation on Profile page
  • Updated validation on Manage Account pages

March 2015

  • Added “On Hold” status for issues
  • Added API method for updating issues
  • Updated fonts for readability
  • Simplified page titles
  • Updated Create Release Build API validation
  • Misc UI updates for Windows 8 touchscreen devices
  • Added new issue detail UI states for Not an Issue, Not Reproducible, and Missing Information
  • Added help guide to issue status dropdowns

February 2015

  • Added ability to sort issues separately by Issue Title and Order Number
  • Added CC’d users, files, and tags to the mini-sidebar on the Issue Detail view
  • Fixed a character encoding bug with Slack notifications

January 2015

  • Corrected a character encoding bug on notification titles
  • Updated Beanstalk integration instructions
  • Corrected a calendar timezone bug present in some versions of Safari
  • Updated incoming email parsing logic
  • Added documentation link to primary navigation dropdown
  • Updated API rate limits
  • Updated email address validation expressions
  • Updated Slack integration instructions
  • Dashboard performance improvements

December 2014

  • Added ability to override the submitter name and email for Public Issues
  • Added ability to CC additional email addresses on Public Issues
  • Added better parsing of HTML emails when plain-text fallback is not available
  • Added Forwarder Address(es) setting for Public Issues

November 2014

  • Updated integration settings to always show ‘remove’ button, even if the integration is disabled
  • Increased retry period after declined billing transactions

October 2014

  • Added Slack integration
  • Added Hall integration
  • Added Glip integration
  • Added BigBoard integration
  • Included issue title in subject for issue update emails
  • Replaced old descriptions with new descriptions in emails sent when updating issues

September 2014

  • Updated Issue Detail footer to always show Change Priority, Reassign Fixer, and Reassign Tester options for Admin users
  • Added better formatting for Markdown tables

August 2014

  • Updated API v2.0 Activity List methods to allow time values in begin_date and end_date parameters
  • Added Creator user information to API v2.0 Issue List and Activity List method responses
  • Updated Edit Issue view to allow adding/removing file attachments
  • Corrected hyperlink references in “Change Project” notifications
  • Improved incoming email signature parsing
  • Prevented Git merges from creating duplicate issue updates
  • Updated Git commit message formatting

July 2014

  • Added export options for All Issues and All Issue History
  • Added ability to embed images in comment/description text
  • Added Creator user option to Custom Filters
  • Added Environment option when creating Release Builds
  • Added Rebuild option when viewing previous Release Builds
  • Added Recent Release Builds to dashboard “Viewing:” dropdown

June 2014

  • Added API v2.0
  • Added max-width for inline Markdown images in comments/descriptions
  • Corrected an error that could occur when viewing user project assignments
  • Corrected an IE security error caused by uploading certain images

May 2014

  • Added created date/time to issue list
  • Added created date/time to issue list sort options
  • Added ascending/descending sort options for created and updated date/time
  • Updated Bulk Edit mode to include options for adding tags and deleting issues
  • Updated dashboard Switch Projects dropdown with better keyboard interaction
  • Corrected an encoding issue when displaying tags on Project Settings dialog
  • Added retina graphics for high-resolution displays
  • Corrected a bug when showing/hiding tags in the Issue Detail sidebar
  • Corrected a layout issue on Previous Release Builds dialog
  • Updated canceled account message to allow subdomain re-use
  • Updated notification ping script to prevent caching in some browsers
  • Updated Markdown bug that caused https:// URLs in code blocks to render as http://
  • Updated HipChat logo on Integrations dialog

April 2014

  • Updates to headline fonts and issue detail font sizes for readability based on customer feedback
  • Darkened medium priority colors for readability
  • Added ability to search by issue number across all projects
  • Added information flyout to Issue Detail sidebar
  • Create Issue form “Submit & Add Another” option now correctly refreshes the Tags field
  • Updated avatar logic to consistently display user initials by default
  • Added “last updated by” user information to Issue List dashboard
  • Added Firefox browser notifications
  • Reduced browser notification display time
  • Simplified browser notification preferences/help section
  • Minor Issue List dashboard font adjustments
  • Corrected Reports dashboard layout issues in Firefox and IE9
  • Increased minimum left/right padding on Issue Detail view for large displays
  • Added highlight state when non-default dashboard filters are selected
  • Added Project dropdown to Edit Issue view
  • Updated Fixer/Tester dropdowns on Create Issue form to persist when using Submit & Add Another option
  • Misc Safari/IE style fixes
  • Added Close icon to dialogs
  • Updated Create Release Build dialog to allow selection of issues
  • Made Status and Due Date elements clickable on Issue List views
  • Corrected sort bug when viewing issues from a Release Build or Bulk Edit

March 2014

  • Launched redesign of DoneDone on March 28th

February 2014

  • Fixed error on issue detail page when uploading attachments with very long extension names

January 2014

  • Fixed bug for reassigning fixer and tester for newly added users
  • Fix to attachments for C# API library on Github, and general cleanup
  • Issues sent via email without plain text version now saves email as a file attachment to issue

December 2013

  • Updated instructions for BitBucket integration based on latest Bitbucket UI
  • Better email fault tolerance handling added

November 2013

  • Fixed timestamp issues on activity page when polling new records after initial page refresh
  • Fixed issue with due dates being one day early on issue lists when polling new records
  • Fixed issue when importing Basecamp users for very large accounts
  • Offloaded HipChat and application emails to a separate process for faster page submits
  • Moved file uploads to Amazon S3 for faster upload experience

October 2013

  • Corrected error caused by multiple Public Issue attachments with the same filename
  • Updated Delete User confirmation to initially select the “reassign user’s issues” option
  • Corrected a formatting error on the Bulk Edit view

September 2013

  • Added custom “from” address and signature options to Public Issue settings
  • Released Public Issues and concluded beta period
  • Admin users can now remove anyone from an issue’s CC list at any time
  • Added Public Issues to the new user welcome tour

August 2013

  • Added Public Issues Beta to all accounts
  • More descriptive UI for closed and fixed issues on issue lists
  • Added Rate Limit of 100 emails/hr/account on incoming emails to DoneDone
  • Added SPAM checks to incoming emails
  • Improved Public Issue email parsing to remove quoted replies
  • Added <hr> styles to Public Issue replies
  • Corrected a display bug when <h2> elements were present in Public Issue replies
  • Corrected a bug causing comments to be discarded on the Issue Edit page, when no other field values were changed
  • Corrected a bug causing deleted issues to appear in the Previous Submission area of Public Issues

June 2013

  • Revised error pages
  • Issue description and comment fields now auto-grow as you type
  • Moved prev/next issue buttons to right sidebar, adjusted issue detail layout

May 2013

  • Added “Back to Dashboard” button on issue detail to link to last dashboard view
  • Updated issue and activity dashboard persists when hitting Back button
  • Added cancellation feedback box to account cancellation page
  • Fixed due date bug with CSV/Excel exports
  • HipChat integration released
  • New integrations page released in application
  • Updated color for “Fixed!” header bar on issue detail page

April 2013

  • Resolved bug where multiple issues are created when adding issues after editing a comment
  • Added loading animation on all “Submit” buttons, when clicked, site-wide
  • Fixed due date sorts so issues with due dates display before issues without them
  • Added full-text global search
  • Updated date inputs to use UTC formatting by default
  • Added ‘All issues’ default filter
  • Added Companies & People on Project page for non-admins
  • Corrected a layout bug on the footer Support link
  • Updated print styles
  • Added Bitbucket integration instructions
  • Added filename to image gallery browser

March 2013

  • Fixed timeout issues and sped up performance on issue filters for searches relating to tags
  • Updated Excel/CSV export dates to use local time (was previously UTC)
  • Updated attachment source filenames to be friendlier (removed the old GUID prefix)

February 2013

  • Added Issue List view option to Reports dashboard
  • Added Compact View option to Issue List dashboard
  • Added Excel .xlsx export to Issue List dashboard
  • Added Support link as a ‘sticky’ element at the bottom of the browser window
  • Corrected a web server time synchronization problem
  • Added auto-save feature to Create Issue and Issue Comment fields
  • Updated account creation emails
  • Corrected a bug when updating an issue from an email link
  • Updated top-left Accounts menu to only show non-cancelled accounts
  • Updated sign-in system to prevent redirecting to a cancelled account
  • Updated certain links to prevent them from opening in a new window/tab
  • Added read-only version of Project Settings page for non-admin users
  • Updated security on sign-in requests
  • Corrected an unclosed HTML tag in the Profile section
  • Added Duplicate/Copy Issue feature
  • Updated Create Issue form to pre-select the project dropdown when only 1 option exists
  • Updated Excel/CSV export to include Tags
  • Updated auto-save feature to use a smaller subset of fields

January 2013

  • Added due dates to issues
  • Added Sort by Issue Number to the Issue List dashboard
  • Added option to prevent sending notifications when editing an issue
  • Updated Reporting dashboard to display issues as donut drilldown charts
  • Updated Release Build dates
  • Updated Billing History page content
  • Corrected bug in search flyout autofocus
  • Updated print styles
  • Updated screenshots on welcome tour

December 2012

  • Added issue count to Issue List dashboard
  • Updated email-to-ticket webhooks
  • Added Harvest time tracking to Issue Detail pages

November 2012

  • Released v3 (The New DoneDone)
  • Updated previous/next issue links to match the most-recently-viewed Issue List