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At long last, issue tracking meets customer support.

Use DoneDone to effortlessly track feedback, questions, and issues from your customers via email. Correspond with them over email while discussing and resolving their inquiries right in DoneDone! It’s truly the best of both worlds.
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1. Customer sends an email to your support address.

Setup is simple. Use your unique DoneDone project email address, or forward messages sent to your existing company support address to it. If you have an existing contact form, send submissions directly to your unique DoneDone project email address.

2. Support emails instantly become tracked issues in DoneDone.

DoneDone converts those emails into separate issues, and assigns them to team members of your choosing. For your customer base, there are no logins, complicated forms, or new tools to learn!

3. Customers receive replies via email and respond from their inbox.

If you want more input or explanation from the customer, just send them a reply through DoneDone. It goes right to their email inbox.

4. Conversations with your customers are all tracked in the issue.

Build a rapport with your customer base. Browse through previous conversations you’ve had with your customers so they always feel like they’re speaking with someone who knows them personally.

5. Your team works on the issue internally using DoneDone’s proven workflow.

It’s email to them…and DoneDone to you. Work on your customer’s requests with your team just like any other issue. You have the flexibility to handle all the nitty gritty technical details privately and just post an update to the customer after the issue’s been handled.

6. Work between your team and your customer in one view.

One managed place to work on issues, correspond with your customers, and get things done. It’s simply the best of both worlds.

The Perfect Tool for Your Team

The Support Guru

The Support Guru

Easily manage your customer conversations alongside your team’s internal workflow.

The Developer

The Developer

Request technical details from customers as you need them.

The Project Manager

The Project Manager

Quickly assign customer support issues and keep track of your team’s progress.

The Founder

The Founder

Build a personal relationship with your customers as part of your issue tracking process.