DoneDone Update: Our new help documentation!

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of our brand new help documentation. We’ve parked it at

For years, we’ve had all our nuggets of wisdom regarding DoneDone sprinkled across a few places—various blog posts, our FAQs section, and a knowledge base site. We wanted to bring all that information into one centralized place. We also wanted to refresh our screenshots and instructions as DoneDone has changed a bit over the past few years. Now we have.

Our new, consolidated help documentation site

What’s there now is just the beginning. The new help documentation will continue to grow as we have more content to share, including tips and strategies our customers have used to get the most out of DoneDone.

A link to the Help Docs is always available right from within DoneDone.

So, keep the DoneDone help documentation in your browser bookmarks. And contact us at our support page or via Twitter @getdonedone for anything else we can do to make your issue tracker better!


Ka Wai Cheung is the original creator of DoneDone and author of The Developer’s Code. Follow him personally on Twitter via @developerscode and read more at Life Imitates Code.