Our 2016 Top Posts: Building User Databases, Converting To Git And The Beauty Of Coding

In 2016 we dived into the details of code appendages and misleading names, took imposter syndrome head on, and even discussed how baseball stadiums might be the future of web design.

Our year showed us some interesting statistics including:

  • Our number one and number two posts of our top three were written in 2015 and 2014, respectively
  • We had more than 41,000 folks read our top three posts this year alone
  • At 7.3% of our readership, Canada moved into our top three countries with the most visitors to DoneDone
  • Building database models and converting to Git were hot topics

Out of our list of stories, how-to guides, and feature announcements, you read these blogs the most.

#1 Building The Optimal User Database Model For Your Application


Over four years into our current iteration of DoneDone, we can happily say that the database model we’ve built has been resilient to all sorts of feature updates we’ve made over the years. In this post, we shared our thought process behind how it’s designed, starting with a simple database model and evolving it into the model we currently use.

Read the post here.

#2 Converting A 5-Year-Old Repository From Subversion To Git


We started to envy how quickly our colleagues at We Are Mammoth and Kin were able to create and switch branches, submit pull requests, and manage their merges. In this post, we talk about seeing if switching to a Git-based workflow would help us streamline our development process.

Read the post here.

#3 Why I (Still) Write Code


This introspective piece by our founder, Ka Wai Cheung, reflects on the beauty of code and the hours that goes into reshaping things to be just right. He talks about discovering potential patterns in code and to what degree he would use them. The post ends on what Ka Wai has learned throughout the years of his coding career.

Read the post here.

What were some of your favorite DoneDone posts of 2016? Did we release any key features you love? Send us a note and let us know!